Definition of attainable in English:



  • Able to be attained; achievable:

    ‘yields in excess of 6 % are easily attainable’
    ‘an attainable target’
    • ‘For example, losing 20 pounds in three months is a realistic and attainable goal.’
    • ‘This superior wisdom is only attainable through the practice of meditation.’
    • ‘Proportionate justice is neither attainable nor desirable.’
    • ‘Planting trees is simple, attainable and the results can be seen right away.’
    • ‘Once we believe the goals are attainable, we invest the effort and resources necessary to ensure success.’
    • ‘So when we say five per cent growth rate - that is an attainable target by the end of 2005.’
    achievable, obtainable, accessible, within reach, at hand, reachable, winnable, securable, realizable
    practicable, workable, manageable, realistic, reasonable, viable, feasible, possible, within the bounds of possibility, within the realms of possibility, potential, conceivable, imaginable
    doable, get-at-able, up for grabs
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