Definition of attack dog in English:

attack dog


  • 1A dog trained to attack on command and kept for this purpose.

    • ‘Neighborhood watch teams, alarm systems, and attack dogs were now the norm.’
    • ‘They have not had electrodes attached to their genitals or been set on by attack dogs.’
    • ‘Attack dogs barked furiously behind bolted doors.’
    • ‘The police have been equipped with water cannon, attack dogs, tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullet guns.’
    • ‘But his guards trust their longtime charge to roam the prison and tend to attack dogs.’
    • ‘Others are shackled in stress positions for hours, held in isolation for months, and threatened with attack dogs.’
    • ‘One of the most hated abuses by York police was the use of attack dogs.’
    • ‘More than 30,000 heavily armed troops and police backed by light tanks, armoured vehicles, water cannon, horses and attack dogs were deployed around the capital.’
    • ‘A German shepherd attack dog also made the trip from Angola.’
    • ‘The police then charged the picket line with attack dogs.’
    • ‘But using attack dogs on those young demonstrators seems too extreme.’
    • ‘And a lawyer who phoned said that he needed an attack dog to fend off some of his previous clients.’
    • ‘As journalists were hurriedly shepherded back onto buses, policemen with large attack dogs threatened the women.’
    • ‘His signature will be the black balaclava and the attack dogs.’
    • ‘He disliked dogs, and attack dogs most of all.’
    • ‘These black attack dogs are well fed.’
    • ‘Equipped with an arsenal of weapons and a pack of highly trained attack dogs, a ruthless hunter begins to stalk the boys, one by one.’
    • ‘An angry standoff ensued, until police unleashed their attack dogs, injuring several workers.’
    • ‘In Egypt, riot police used water cannons and attack dogs to keep anti-war demonstrators away from the US embassy.’
    • ‘Drawing on their activist roots, the refugees launched demonstrations and strikes, which the Marines met with attack dogs, batons and tanks.’
    1. 1.1A person who is very aggressive in their defence or support of someone or something.
      ‘he was accused of being an all-purpose attack dog for the government’
      • ‘He scored at a career-high pace, but more importantly, Jackson turned Bryant into an attack dog on defense in the Scottie Pippen mold.’
      • ‘He is the attack dog for the hawks in the war cabinet.’
      • ‘But curiously the paper contains not a whisper of complaint from Peter or his fellow attack dogs.’
      • ‘Instead, both have looked like opportunistic attack dogs.’
      • ‘The vice president is becoming an attack dog, on a personal level, which should be beneath him but evidently is not.’
      • ‘I had no idea he was going to be a little attack dog.’
      • ‘Their activists are the new attack dogs.’
      • ‘Unleash the attack dogs of intellectual war.’
      • ‘We also need to figure out how we can become cohesive units within our own party rather than a disoraganized swarm of attack dogs.’
      • ‘I was expecting a shooting squad of lefty attack dogs rabidly defending the movie and blasting any criticism.’
      • ‘"I'm not going to get into a name-calling match with the administration's chief attack dog," he said.’
      • ‘Edwards, looking - if possible - even younger than usual, answered Democratic naysayers by perfectly filling the role of attack dog.’
      • ‘And, finally, Hillary Clinton is just a great sort of attack dog in many ways.’
      • ‘I wish Brooks could figure out from week to week if he wants to be an attack dog or smarmy.’
      • ‘Instead she has now been firmly assigned to the traditional role of the vice-presidential candidate: attack dog.’
      • ‘Are they going to become an attack dog or a watchdog press corps?’
      • ‘But are news outlets simply afraid of unleashing their investigative attack dogs in case legal action and harassment will follow?’
      • ‘He is a natural "attack dog" and an astute deployer of facts and figures to put the Government in a bad light.’
      • ‘You also want your vice president to take on the role of attack dog during the campaign.’
      • ‘The president sends out his attack dog often.’