Definition of attaché case in English:

attaché case


  • A small, flat, rigid, rectangular case used for carrying documents.

    • ‘He was probably used to artists showing up with thin black leather attaché cases.’
    • ‘Dressed in a dark business suit and carrying a black attaché case, he might have passed for an attorney returning from a late lunch.’
    • ‘He found his table, turned on the light and unpacked his attaché case, carefully lining his sharpened pencils up side-by-side.’
    • ‘He was always immaculate in a dark suit and conservative tie and carried a beautifully polished brown leather attaché case, from which he was inseparable.’
    • ‘In the early morning of April 29, 2002, a man in a white polo shirt carrying an attaché case came out of a two-floor apartment in a middle-class subdivision in Antipolo.’
    • ‘Carrying a black attaché case, the officer stepped silently into the elevator.’
    • ‘He stepped back with a wave, gathered his papers and research materials into his attaché case and almost leaped down the stairs and out onto the wide steps.’
    • ‘A young woman wearing a suit looks as if she has just left her office: she holds an attaché case, and no one opens it for inspection.’
    • ‘Sykes is conservatively dressed, carries an attaché case and has a stern, humorless appearance.’
    • ‘I packed my notes and recorder into my leather attaché case and began to head for the door.’
    • ‘After gathering his materials into his attaché case, he passed out into the early spring New York night and flagged a taxi.’
    • ‘Females in this age group prefers gifts such as miniskirts, attaché cases, and office supplies.’
    • ‘But when was the last time a cab driver was assaulted by a black businessperson dressed in a suit and tie or designer dress, carrying an attaché case?’
    • ‘The cadaver was handed over to the British consul within hours of its discovery, but the attaché case was not returned for some days, and tests in London revealed that the letter had been opened.’
    • ‘She reached into her attaché case, pulled out a thin file folder, and handed it to the boy.’
    • ‘Taking his own leather attaché case, Melvin dumped its contents out and handed it to Charlie.’
    • ‘They would come in about lunch time, unload boxes and attaché cases and take them in the house, and then there wouldn't be a sign of them until the end of the day.’
    • ‘She rummaged carefully through the attaché case, looking for more papers like the notes she had discovered.’
    • ‘She was working at a photographic agency and had become quite the ambitious female executive, complete with attaché case, mobile phone and Filofax.’
    • ‘On the evening of December 4, he was stopped by demonstrators as he was leaving an office building in East Berlin carrying an attaché case.’
    travelling bag, travel bag, case, grip, valise, overnight case, portmanteau, vanity case, holdall
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attaché case