Definition of atrociously in English:



  • See atrocious

    • ‘90 per cent of people here drive atrociously.’
    • ‘But she'd told me calmly that I was grounded the whole vacation for behaving atrociously.’
    • ‘After making my first tuition payment last week, I'm thinking of launching a one-man crusade against the atrociously high cost of higher education today.’
    • ‘As I have set out earlier, we have both suffered atrociously in the past and substantially depend on one another.’
    • ‘Given the way mothers have been atrociously treated, who can blame young women for not being prepared to take the risk.’
    • ‘The drinks are atrociously overpriced and under-strong.’
    • ‘Factory-farmed chickens are transported and slaughtered under atrociously inhumane conditions, says Weisberg.’