Definition of atremble in English:



  • predicative Trembling.

    ‘the breeze failed to set a single leaf atremble’
    • ‘And so I spent the night, atremble, convinced that I had obliterated the school.’
    • ‘Given the sheer volume of these texts, and their kaleidoscopic content, the very thought of plunging into them leaves even the most determined researcher atremble.’
    • ‘The fly is atremble with fear as she sees the looming danger, tries to break free from the sticky threads, tries hard to escape, and is exhausting herself in her desperate attempts.’
    • ‘With Britain atremble with the thought of another summer of voyeuristic frenzy, Channel 4 was pumping out story after story about the adventures of the 10 new housemates.’
    • ‘His touch set something inside her atremble, too.’