Definition of atmospherically in English:



  • See atmospheric

    • ‘Conversely, vines in hot, atmospherically arid climates readily accumulate excess potassium in the leaves, stems, and fruit.’
    • ‘The story is easy to take, the period is atmospherically invoked, and the acting of all the principal characters is well-done.’
    • ‘In the 1800s malaria was considered the product of vegetable decomposition - that is, an environmentally induced and atmospherically transmitted disease.’
    • ‘The crucial party sequence is well-staged and fluidly filmed and the scenes set in darkness for the game are atmospherically photographed.’
    • ‘Century atmospherically recreates London at this watershed moment, reflecting the complex mood of the time, caught between excitement and anxiety at the birth of a new century.’
    • ‘However, while his play is atmospherically powerful, it eventually falls uneasily between economic parable and romantic myth.’
    • ‘Scientific observations and monitoring have shown that sulphur and nitrogen compounds are dispersed atmospherically over thousands of miles.’
    • ‘The interaction between a number of complex, intriguingly developed characters is set against the unusual beauty of remote locations atmospherically captured in steely colours.’