Definition of atlas moth in English:

atlas moth


  • A very large boldly marked silk moth which occurs in both the Old and New World tropics.

    Genus Attacus, family Saturniidae: several species, in particular A. atlas of Asia, which is the largest moth in the world

    • ‘Some of the atlas moths and a Noctuid moth have wingspans over 300 mm.’
    • ‘Animal life includes the one-horned rhinoceros of Java, orangutans (found only in Kalimantan and Sumatra), miniature deer, atlas moths (which have a wingspan of 25 centimetres) and the brilliantly coloured, flightless bird of paradise.’
    • ‘It includes the atlas moths Rothschildia, which are the largest in the country.’
    • ‘Color slides and digital images include a wide variety of North American and tropical species including hawkmoths, silkmoths, tiger moths, atlas moths, micro moths, prominents, caterpillars and many others.’