Definition of athirst in English:



  • 1predicative Thirsty.

    • ‘I took also a handful of dried apples, most of which I gave to Shagg, for I was still athirst despite the cold, and could not swallow them.’
    • ‘… he always thought that God in his goodness had created the plant to give drink to such as were athirst on a hot and toilsome march and so he looked with gratitude and admiration on its representative in Canada.’
    thirsty, dehydrated, dry
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    1. 1.1 Very eager to get something.
      ‘she was athirst for news’
      • ‘Baxter's life was a sermon, demonstrating, explaining, and applying the text, ‘my soul is athirst for God’.’
      • ‘He believed that the respect in which these journals were held by a reading public athirst for good commentary would cause a very undesirable public indignation in the event of their suppression.’
      • ‘You are probably athirst with romantic desire.’
      eager, keen, avid, longing, yearning, pining, aching, greedy, thirsting, with an appetite
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Old English ofthyrst, shortened from ofthyrsted, past participle of ofthyrstan ‘be thirsty’.