Definition of atemporality in English:



  • See atemporal

    • ‘Still, this atemporality of desire is different from the atemporality of pleasure/happiness.’
    • ‘As we will see, atemporality is simply not a possibility for a Creator.’
    • ‘The argument for divine atemporality from the doctrine of divine immutability is, indeed, an ingenious one.’
    • ‘Moreover, I question the assertion of the "atemporality of art itself".’
    • ‘Heller wisely suggests returning to the profounder insights of St. Augustine and St. Thomas on the atemporality of God and the act of Creation.’
    • ‘Using Kleinian terminology, these authors note that in some newcomers who have ‘persecutory guilt,’ ‘we often find an atemporality in which past and present are confused.’’