Definition of Atebrin in English:


(US Atabrine)


mass nountrademark
  • another term for quinacrine
    • ‘In the early '30s Atabrine was introduced in the United States as a Winthrop product.’
    • ‘Quinacrine (Atabrine) is available from compounding pharmacists.’
    • ‘Today, both chloroquine and Atabrine are used to prevent malaria.’
    • ‘This drug was sold under the name of Atabrine.’
    • ‘Some of the men were saving their tablets and then sold or bartered them to the locals, because for them Atebrin tablets were difficult to obtain.’
    • ‘These sentences, with the exception of one, were selected for the Atabrine entry.’
    • ‘This standard package insert, prepared by a U.S. manufacturer of quinacrine (Atabrine), includes a description of the drug, actions, indications, contraindications, adverse reactions, dosage and administration, how supplied, etc.’


1930s: of unknown origin.