Definition of at times in English:

at times


  • Sometimes; on occasions.

    ‘she is at times cruel and ruthless’
    • ‘We have had several cars driving far too close, almost on our bumper bar at times.’
    • ‘Depression has at times locked me within my house, once for a period of six weeks.’
    • ‘Though, at times, they can provide clues as to who we are and what we might become.’
    • ‘So the next morning, you put an arm around him, something every player needs at times.’
    • ‘It just gets way too tiring at times and once in a while you do wish for some reprieve from it.’
    • ‘It got very boring at times so every now and again Martin would let me read out some of the code and he would type it out.’
    • ‘It has been quite tear-jerking at times because we are all like one big happy family.’
    • ‘So comparisons are a bit invidious at times and I realise why we struggle with that.’
    • ‘The scenery was breathtaking and it was a very enjoyable walk if a little gruelling at times.’
    • ‘They actually demand so much of themselves that they can be unfair on themselves at times.’
    sometimes, occasionally, from time to time, now and again, now and then, every now and again, every now and then, every so often, once in a while, every once in a while, on occasion, on occasions, on the odd occasion, off and on, at intervals, periodically, sporadically, spasmodically, erratically, irregularly, intermittently, by fits and starts, in fits and starts, fitfully, discontinuously, piecemeal
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