Definition of at the outside in English:

at the outside


  • (of an estimate) at the most.

    ‘every minute, or at the outside, every ninety seconds’
    • ‘The classic Kiwi beach holiday would surely come into its own within a matter of days, or, at the outside, a week.’
    • ‘That's $140 billion dollars a year, at the outside.’
    • ‘It didn't take long, five minutes at the outside.’
    • ‘There were certainly no more than several, at the outside.’
    • ‘With only a handful of motions on the agenda, and most of them applicable to Saturday night's county convention in any event, my expectation is that Thursday night's business will be concluded in two hours at the outside.’
    • ‘My guess is you're looking at another week, maybe ten days at the outside of any military operations at all.’
    • ‘We patch the game almost every week - every two weeks at the outside.’
    • ‘The obvious answer must be to contract the concept of ‘long-term’ into a more manageable period: perhaps five years at the outside, but more likely one or two years.’
    • ‘We are pretty confident that 100 per cent will be with the Royal Mail by midnight tonight or, at the outside, in the early hours.’
    • ‘It is thought that the hostel will be needed for refugees until the end of June, but, at the outside, by the end of August.’