Definition of at the mercy of in English:

at the mercy of


  • Completely in the power of.

    ‘consumers were at the mercy of every rogue in the marketplace’
    • ‘Once they descended into it they would be at the mercy of whatever hid behind its cloak.’
    • ‘This very fact places the results at the mercy of culturally insensitive marketers.’
    • ‘Try living at the mercy of all that for a bit then see how much big cities turn you off.’
    • ‘So for at least two years an immigrant woman can be at the mercy of whatever her spouse wishes.’
    • ‘It's a nightmare that I suppose most people have of being naked and at the mercy of some strange power.’
    • ‘I think human beings in the 21st century are at the mercy of so many things.’
    • ‘She stared up into the face of a man that she had once been at the mercy of and felt her skin begin to crawl again.’
    • ‘Consumers were left at the mercy of the dishonest conduct in the finance sector.’
    • ‘These policies have left us badly exposed and at the mercy of natural phenomena like drought.’
    • ‘Ending up bobbing in the ocean at the mercy of what might be a confluence of different currents is another matter entirely.’
    • ‘They in turn are at the mercy of the power companies for electricity to transmitters and relay stations.’
    • ‘I do not wish to sit in any accommodation at the mercy of a driver.’
    • ‘A factory job with all its miseries would be better than being at the mercy of this woman's power over your job and cottage.’
    • ‘You are at the mercy of Mother Nature and toil long, hard hours in the knowledge that you could earn more working in a supermarket.’
    • ‘You have the power to order, consume, relax, but you are also incapacitated, at the mercy of the hotel machine.’
    • ‘Even the excessive amount of time I am spending at the mercy of my employers is not enough to dampen my spirits.’
    • ‘But all that is about to change, as Paul must lie at the mercy of a nurse.’
    • ‘It was also less prosperous and secure, and more at the mercy of European power politics.’
    • ‘They are not simply private businesses at the mercy of businessmen.’
    • ‘I was quite literally at the mercy of the Inquisition and was completely unable to tell a lie.’
    in the power of, in the control of, under the control of, in the clutches of, in the palm of someone's hand, under the heel of, subject to
    defenceless against, unprotected against, vulnerable to, threatened by, exposed to, susceptible to, prey to, open to, wide open to, an easy target for
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