Definition of at sixes and sevens in English:

at sixes and sevens


  • In a state of total confusion or disarray:

    ‘everything is at sixes and sevens here’
    • ‘Without them we were at sixes and sevens and chasing the game.’
    • ‘When we left the set we were all at sixes and sevens.’
    • ‘Cardarelli took the man-of-the-match award but it was assistant coach Gallant who had London at sixes and sevens all night, brilliant both offensively and defensively.’
    • ‘The students played as if they had been a little too festive over the break and were at sixes and sevens for most of the match.’
    • ‘Employers are at sixes and sevens and, sadly, parents have no idea of what is going on.’
    • ‘Residents in a Bury street have been left at sixes and sevens after a house numbers mix-up.’
    • ‘If we were left at sixes and sevens, our effectiveness as an association would have been seriously damaged.’
    • ‘I'm at sixes and sevens on the issue of who is really at fault here.’
    • ‘‘Harold’ is the story of an adolescent young man who is at sixes and sevens with practically everything.’
    • ‘Poland are at sixes and sevens, Korea in seventh heaven.’
    chaotic, disorganized, disordered, disorderly, untidy, messy, jumbled, muddled, confused, unsystematic, irregular, cluttered, littered
    out of order, out of place, in disarray, in a mess, in a jumble, in a muddle, upside-down, higgledy-piggledy, haywire, haphazard
    all over the place, like a bomb's hit it
    shambolic, all over the shop
    all over the map, all over the lot
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