Definition of at risk to in English:

at risk to


  • With the possibility of endangering.

    ‘he visited prisons at considerable risk to his health’
    • ‘What does he know about the humiliation of checkpoints, or about people being forced to travel on gravel and mud roads, at risk to their lives, in order to get a woman in labour to a hospital?’
    • ‘They were good people, but she couldn't expect them to lie for her at risk to themselves, and she didn't think less of them for it.’
    • ‘But even with their protected status and the watchful eye of tourism officials, they are at risk to poachers.’
    • ‘Portable storage media, readily available internally and sent outside the protection of the data center, is inherently at risk to theft.’
    • ‘The solicitors expressed the view that Mr Lumley was at risk to himself and was vulnerable.’
    • ‘The groups, which have robustly campaigned against the danger of mobile phone masts and radiation waves near children and schools, may now be putting their children at risk to evil interferers.’
    • ‘But manufacturers, eager for fourth-quarter sales growth at any cost, may swallow the difference even at risk to their profits.’
    • ‘And by modernizing our industrial base, it will save millions of jobs in manufacturing that are now at risk to foreign competition.’
    • ‘They are often intelligent and obedient, but are less suited to family life because their small size puts them at risk to the rough play of small children.’
    • ‘A parent, for example, will often defend its child against a dangerous enemy, at risk to the parent's life, when the parent could easily have made good its own escape by abandoning the child.’