Definition of at right angles (or a right angle) to in English:

at right angles (or a right angle) to


  • Forming an angle of 90° with (something)

    ‘hold the brush at right angles to the surface’
    • ‘This should be set with the treadle (the trigger) at right angles to the wall, so that it can be approached from either direction.’
    • ‘I guess its just that as you get older, things for some bizarre reason start to look better in alphabetical order, or at right angles to each other, or not all over your bedroom floor.’
    • ‘The 23-year-old was arrested after police in a patrol car heard a scraping noise from his vehicle and looked out to see one of the wheels at right angles to the other.’
    • ‘Ball number six was nicely played back to the bowler amid the huge West Country sigh of relief, and then came the horrified realisation that the umpire's arm was at right angles to his body.’
    • ‘How many times in one day are the hands of a clock at right angles to each other?’
    • ‘But this spectrum is at right angles to the first, generating a person-space with an infinity of different potential placements.’
    • ‘The Escort came to rest across two lanes at right angles to the traffic while the Laguna left the road, travelled down a grass slope and came to rest against some trees.’
    • ‘He does it again and much more noticeably in the way he tilts numbers of squares of both kinds until one of them in the middle lies at right angles to all the others.’
    • ‘A Ford Fusion, travelling towards Southend, was struck by the bike which had been travelling along a private road at right angles to that road.’
    • ‘A hundred yards away, a sorry looking BMW 6-series is parked at right angles to a motorway barrier, forming a makeshift roadblock.’