Definition of at random in English:

at random


  • Without method or conscious decision.

    ‘he opened the book at random’
    • ‘The questions are generated on the computer system at random from a question bank.’
    • ‘When paying for a taxi, don't look at your wallet as you take out a bill - just grab one at random and hand it over.’
    • ‘The attack was unprovoked and it seems he was selected at random for assassination.’
    • ‘Chrissy picked the blue map book up from the floor by her feet and opened it at random.’
    • ‘He put unbound sheets into a box and invited us to read them at random!’
    • ‘Ernie opens a page at random, nods his head approvingly, and begins to read.’
    • ‘Manu and Nadine meet up, and go on a road trip, picking up men, and killing at random.’
    • ‘The chicken will begin its walk from a corner of the field chosen at random just moments before the event takes place.’
    • ‘The head monkey grabs a stick and flails around at random, whacking his compatriots.’
    • ‘By way of comparison, I went to the book shelf and picked out three Ian Fleming books at random.’
    unsystematically, arbitrarily, randomly, without prearrangement, without method, unmethodically, haphazardly, without conscious choice, leaving things to chance
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