Definition of at one's leisure in English:

at one's leisure


  • At one's convenience.

    ‘wander at your leisure through the wide selection of shops’
    • ‘This enabled people to wander through at their leisure and view the school as a whole.’
    • ‘But it seems to be the ideal country to tour at your leisure.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, you can stop or start a comic book at your leisure.’
    • ‘Those who love to take a stroll can do so at their leisure in the city's famous Botanical Garden, which celebrates its 150th anniversary next month.’
    • ‘While many seasoned walkers did the ten mile trek many others did the shorter 3 mile walk enjoying the scenery at their leisure.’
    • ‘The island offers a treasure trove of beautiful ancient temples, stunning scenery and golden windswept beaches for discovery at your leisure.’
    • ‘The site looks promising and we ask you to give it a try at your leisure.’
    • ‘You meanwhile can stagger home at your leisure.’
    • ‘Buying something online is fun because you can browse and pick and choose at your leisure, then have it delivered to your door.’
    • ‘My methodology is extremely crude; I'm sure others can pick holes in it at their leisure.’
    at your convenience, when it suits you, in your own time, in your own good time, when you can fit it in, without need for haste, without haste, unhurriedly, without hurry, when you get round to it, when you want to
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