Definition of at interest in English:

at interest


  • (of money borrowed) on the condition that interest is payable.

    ‘the lending of money at interest’
    • ‘The cartel wants economic growth, lots of borrowers, and lots of opportunities to lend newly created funny money at interest.’
    • ‘They were replaced by Italian merchants who had papal dispensations to lend money at interest.’
    • ‘Chapter 2 takes up the financial activities of elites, who routinely loaned money at interest.’
    • ‘It would have the exclusive right to print currency, which the King could borrow - at interest, of course - to fight his war and finance whatever other spending programs he had in place at the time.’
    • ‘Between 75% and 95% of cash value may be borrowed at interest or withdrawn, depending upon policy owner needs.’
    • ‘Conventional banking deals with it very effectively by advancing short-term loans, at interest.’
    • ‘You shall not lend him your money at interest, nor give him your food for profit.’
    • ‘They were seen as a necessary evil for the city economy to function: they could lend money at interest while the Christians couldn't.’
    • ‘Of course, citizens did regularly lend to each other at interest.’
    • ‘Therefore, lending money at interest for investment, or for buying a home or a car, is not a sin at all.’