Definition of at home in English:

at home


  • 1In one's own house.

    ‘I told him I'd be at home most of the day’
    • ‘The burglaries happened at around 2 am on Saturday with the residents of both houses at home.’
    • ‘Saturday is a day for catching up on things at home, in and around the house.’
    • ‘At one house it seemed obvious that someone was at home, but no answer came to his repeated knocks at the door.’
    • ‘She used to have an answering machine at home, but it made her dread walking into the house.’
    • ‘I only realised how many books we have at home when we moved house and had to pack them all away.’
    • ‘She lived at home and helped out around the house.’
    • ‘There are a lot of 19-year-olds that are living at home or in frat houses that are a mess.’
    • ‘Mrs Green told police she and her husband were at home alone when the two men broke into the house on Saturday night.’
    • ‘He said the parents of girls who lived in her boarding house had been contacted at home and given the bad news before they returned to school earlier this week.’
    • ‘The Duke died on Monday night at home at Chatsworth House, in Derbyshire's Peak District National Park.’
    • ‘Tanzanians love music and dancing, storytelling, and socializing at coffee houses and at home.’
    • ‘I didn't want to leave her at home since the house got broken into yesterday.’
    in, in one's house, present, available, indoors, inside, here
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    1. 1.1 Ready to receive and welcome visitors.
      ‘she took to her room and was not at home to friends’
      • ‘‘Is Carlos in?’ he said. ‘If you mean Carlo, yes, but he's not at home to visitors today’.’
      • ‘A stickler for etiquette, Webb was at home to academicians but saw associates only by appointment.’
      • ‘I relied on him to say whether he was at home to visitors or not.’
      entertaining, receiving, playing host to, showing hospitality to
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    2. 1.2 In one's own neighbourhood, town, or country.
      ‘he has been consistently successful both at home and abroad’
      • ‘The head of the Iraqi Boxing Federation, Saied Abdel Hussain, said he hopes the new team can raise awareness of the sport at home.’
      • ‘Davidson takes a look at how the President has shaped up at home during these first crucial days in the White House.’
      • ‘Special mention was made to Eddie Gray for his passion to see Sri Lanka excel in sports internationally at home and abroad.’
      • ‘You cannot defend the Constitution abroad while undermining it at home.’
      • ‘Getting the Europeans on board paid dividends for the White House at home.’
      • ‘Before initiating vast new carnage abroad, the government wants its propaganda siege to take hold at home.’
      • ‘Government clearance is mandatory in India for any international sports event - at home or abroad.’
      • ‘They monitor what's going on over the fence with our South East Asian neighbours and here at home.’
      • ‘It is a pity, then, that the team management does not show the same faith in them when the team plays overseas as it does when playing at home.’
      • ‘Even as we export this precious principle, however, there is evidence that it has lost ground here at home.’
      • ‘That implies up to 20 billion yuan would be available for equity investment at home and abroad.’
    3. 1.3 (with reference to a sports fixture) at a team's own ground.
      ‘Spurs drew 1–1 at home to Leeds’
      • ‘The road team that seemingly has the best chance this weekend is the Colts, the only team to win at home last weekend.’
      • ‘Beckenham Town, meanwhile, also scored a very good win when they beat Deal Town 4 - at home on Saturday.’
      • ‘Fermanagh, who will be at home to Cavan, welcome back Paul Brewster.’
      • ‘Pickering Town will look to wrap up their immediate top-flight future with a win at home against Arnold Town.’
      • ‘In the Championship play-offs Hampton meet Tooting and Mitcham at home and Crawley Town away.’
      • ‘Harrogate Town could make it ten UniBond League premier division wins on the trot when they take on Eastwood Town at home.’
      • ‘The team lost two games at home last week, both with fourth-quarter fades.’
      • ‘The team has designs on making the playoffs, and it performs like a playoff team at home but not on the road.’
      • ‘A team sometimes will play at home one night, leave the next morning and cross two time zones to play the following night.’
      • ‘City's reserves, just like the first team, cannot win at home.’
    4. 1.4 Comfortable and at ease in a place or situation.
      ‘sit down and make yourself at home’
      • ‘Almost two years of campaigning in primaries and for the White House have left him at home in public meetings.’
      • ‘He is positive a more prominent police presence would ensure everyone would feel at home in the neighbourhood.’
      • ‘I'm going to be late for work, again so just make yourselves at home until I get in.’
      • ‘She felt at home in the Reece house the instant she walked through the door.’
      • ‘We are working very hard to help the asylum seekers feel at home in Kildare town and to help them feel part of the community.’
      • ‘Frank Hill was the manager and I immediately felt at home in the town.’
      • ‘I really made him feel at home in my house and I never expected this from him.’
      • ‘In the intimate surroundings of Barry's public house she will be right at home.’
      • ‘The First Lady's personal tone made people feel warmly toward her as well as at home in the White House.’
      • ‘Even as he simply held her hand as they walked into his house, she felt at home with him.’
      at ease, comfortable, relaxed, content, confident, at peace, in one's element
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    5. 1.5 Confident or relaxed about doing or using something.
      ‘he was quite at home talking about Eisenstein or Brecht’
      • ‘Of course, I did as I was instructed and tried to make myself at home with this new rhythmic concept.’
      • ‘He's not quite at home with the mists and myths of old Ireland; and so you listen to the words as poetry rather than follow them as drama.’
      • ‘Youngsters at a nursery near Swindon will feel right at home singing Old MacDonald's Farm as they will be housed in a former barn.’
      • ‘She had only ridden a few times in her life, and wasn't quite at home in the saddle as the others were.’
      • ‘Once he stopped rearing back in his seat and showing the whites of his eyes, he looked quite at home in his new television role.’
      • ‘Although Cotman was never as fully at home with etching as with watercolour, his work of 1838 ensures him a place of importance in the history of British etching.’
      • ‘Always an Irish favourite, Justin is equally at home playing pumping house as funky techno and always rocks the party.’
      • ‘The credits reveal it was written by David himself, surely not a man at home with biting satire.’
      • ‘Any reporter who has ever covered a Hollywood event would be right at home covering the campaign of Arnold Schwarzenegger.’
      • ‘The dashboard is extremely well equipped and the layout of the controls has a flawless logic that allows new drivers to feel quite at home.’
      confident with, conversant with, proficient in, competent at, used to, familiar with, au fait with, au courant with, skilled in, experienced in, well versed in
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at home

/ət ˈhəʊm/