Definition of at heart in English:

at heart


  • In one's real nature, in contrast to how one may appear.

    ‘he's a good lad at heart’
    • ‘He enjoys his job and finds it a challenge but we are home birds at heart and enjoy spending all our time with each other and the children.’
    • ‘He was a strong and rugged elf who could often appear aggressive, but was truly kind and noble at heart.’
    • ‘Inspiring to have a parent who's managed to develop wisdom but still stay as young at heart as they were when I was tiny.’
    • ‘I started churches using these paradigms but it was never really who I was at heart.’
    • ‘We're all little kids at heart and yet the place has the ability to make people build very hard exteriors and ruin lives.’
    • ‘The event promises to be fun for the whole family for the young and for those who are still children at heart.’
    • ‘It's full of non-stop action, laughter, drama and is perfect for the very young and young at heart.’
    • ‘A time when audiences full of the young and young at heart can embrace their innocence and enjoy the magic of theatre.’
    • ‘He was a kind and gentle man who remained young at heart to the end.’
    • ‘The truth is, I am a hopeless romantic at heart and nothing will change that.’
    basically, fundamentally, essentially, at bottom, deep down, in essence, intrinsically, innately
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