Definition of at grass in English:

at grass


  • Grazing.

    ‘the mare will be out at grass during the day’
    • ‘On average suckler cows spent 228 days at grass, weanlings 239 days and yearling cattle 201 days.’
    • ‘The early introduction of a balanced buffer feed will reduce liveweight loss at grass and optimise cow yield and fertility,’ says Brian.’
    • ‘As animals face into another summer at grass, beef and dairy farmers have been urged to take effective precautions against killer animal diseases.’
    • ‘Beef animals at grass in the summer months have little requirement for supplementary feed.’
    • ‘It is advisable to dose all cattle coming off their first season at grass with a drug that is effective against type II stomach worms.’
    • ‘On average, grass was included in the cows' diet for 277 days in 1999, with cows at grass by day from February 18th.’
    • ‘Cattle weighings have shown gains of 0.3 to 0.6 kg/day and in the final few weeks at grass there may be no gain at all.’
    • ‘Sometimes, yearling cattle in their second season at grass will benefit from worm dosing if they are subjected to a strong challenge, if their immunity did not develop or is impaired by disease, dietary deficiencies or poor nutrition.’
    • ‘‘The idea is to use the pad as a winter lying area and the old cubicles to house any cows which calve before the herd is out at grass at night,’ Jack explained.’
    • ‘They will be at grass until at least November 1, but mid-November would be the limit of the grazing season.’