Definition of at an angle in English:

at an angle


  • In a direction or at an inclination markedly different from parallel, vertical, or horizontal with respect to an implicit baseline:

    ‘she wore her beret at an angle’
    ‘an armchair was drawn up at an angle to his desk’
    • ‘Rocks that lie at an angle must have been tilted after the sediments were consolidated.’
    • ‘Due to the fact that the main shaft was steeply sloping rather than vertical, the ropes were also rigged at an angle.’
    • ‘I would suggest using bricks, which, if inserted at an angle, can also be very pleasing to the eye.’
    • ‘Instead, a portion of the stick slid down and tilted at an angle, like a hockey stick.’
    • ‘The man tilted the book upwards at an angle so I couldn't see the contents and turned back the cover.’
    • ‘Other versions attach to the wall or descend from the ceiling vertically or at an angle.’
    • ‘It would start off tilted at an angle and would gradually straighten up as the glasses filled.’
    • ‘The effect on light is the same - as it enters the glass at an angle, it bends in one direction.’
    • ‘This is uncomfortable, so instead I cross my legs and face the computer at an angle.’
    • ‘Any headstone, old or new, that moves has to be secured by having steel rods drilled through it at an angle, rooting it firmly.’
    at a slant, on the slant, not straight, sloping, slanting, slanted, slantwise, slant, oblique, leaning, inclining, inclined, angled, cambered, canted
    askew, skew, lopsided, crooked, tilting, tilted, atilt, dipping, out of true, out of line
    declivitous, declivous, acclivitous, acclivous
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