Definition of at all costs (or at any cost) in English:

at all costs (or at any cost)


  • Regardless of the price to be paid or the effort needed.

    ‘he was anxious to avoid war at all costs’
    • ‘The use of abusive language and mudslinging or character assassination should be avoided at any cost.’
    • ‘It seems that their agenda is growth at any cost regardless of the wishes of the people.’
    • ‘He said the policy of the ministry is to keep the price of fuel low at all costs.’
    • ‘No country can touch them in terms of talent but something was lost along the way - the drive for winning at all costs.’
    • ‘It made me realise that war was not to be entered into lightly, and, indeed, was to be avoided at all costs if at all possible.’
    • ‘It is more a reflection on the desire to win at all costs rather than an indictment of science.’
    • ‘Investors bailed out, fearing it had decided to take control of a US business at any cost in an effort to take its brand across the Atlantic.’
    • ‘He is a sore loser who wants to win at all costs, always and everywhere.’
    • ‘Neutrality is a position of principle which should not be bartered at any cost or for any price.’
    • ‘My case was not about justice, but about the government's determination to win at all costs.’