Definition of at a push in English:

at a push


  • If absolutely necessary; only with a certain degree of difficulty.

    ‘there's room for four people, or five at a push’
    • ‘You could use cottage cheese at a push, but sieve it really well, or the mix will end up lumpy.’
    • ‘Or if you can't make you own notes photocopy your mates or at a push ask the teacher to go over it one lunchtime for you.’
    • ‘In the past it was a lot simpler - you'd reach a certain age - somewhere between 22 and, at a push, 35-and you'd freeze dry your record collection, stop going to gigs and, certainly, stop reading music papers.’
    • ‘Not making the link depend on a central server or need special software, ie hand-decodable at a push.’
    • ‘Someone could say to me that Scott Brown, pictured, can play right wing and, at a push, centre-forward.’
    • ‘Yes you can tap your feet to it, and at a push, sway your hips but there was no chance of being overwhelmed.’
    • ‘Every single person I know can make fancy stuff like Thai green curry or at a push, stuffed peppers.’
    • ‘I can say, for example, that it tends to form chemical bonds to five other atoms at a time, but can tolerate fewer and, at a push, more.’
    • ‘They fit a good 10 to 12 tracks into a set that can't be much over 20 minutes - all of which are raucous, thrashy and comprised of two powerchords - maybe three at a push.’
    • ‘Rear passenger space is a bit on the small side, almost making this a two-seater, but you could shoehorn in a couple of adults at a push.’
    if necessary, in case of necessity, if need be, if needs must, if forced, if all else fails, in an emergency
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