Definition of at (or in) close quarters in English:

at (or in) close quarters


  • Very or uncomfortably close to someone or something.

    ‘he witnessed the atrocities of war at close quarters’
    ‘housing shortages force people to live in close quarters’
    • ‘There are many 19 th-century illustrations of the disastrous possibilities that could befall a whaling boat at close quarters with a whale.’
    • ‘The audience is ushered into a series of spaces where battles and banquets take place at close quarters.’
    • ‘There will inevitably continue to be problems that arise from living in close quarters while performing a lengthy, gruelling activity.’
    • ‘Lack of intimacy and diversity of interpretation means my account cannot lay claim to the kind of authority biography has when conducted at close quarters and with access to uncontested evidence.’
    • ‘I have seen half a dozen conflicts at close quarters and know exactly what shrapnel does to flesh and bullet does to bone.’
    • ‘Short of scuba diving in sub-tropical waters, this must be the best way to see sharks at close quarters - and certainly safer.’
    • ‘Living in close quarters with her, I decided that the time had come for me to learn how to speak my mother tongue.’
    • ‘He was under sustained enemy fire, witnessed fighting at close quarters with bayonets, and the death and serious injury of many comrades and enemy soldiers.’
    • ‘It was an unforgettable experience to see Everest at close quarters.’
    • ‘If the air-powered darts fails for any reason, the gun handset can be used itself at close quarters as a stun gun.’