Definition of at (or by) the hands (or hand) of in English:

at (or by) the hands (or hand) of


  • Through the agency of.

    ‘he will undergo tests at the hands of a senior neurologist’
    • ‘The calcification of the Barnes had begun, at the hand of yet another form of regional neurosis.’
    • ‘Indeed, it seems as though the melody and continuity suffered slightly at the hand of all these exclamation marks that Maestra Hewitt procured.’
    • ‘These technologies can be shackled by the hand of the state, of course.’
    • ‘Norwegian corporations will have to make significant changes to their governing boards or face liquidation by the hands of the Norwegian state.’
    • ‘But by the hands of Atom Egoyan, David Mamet and Marin Karmitz, it does.’
    • ‘And with this deed, Roderigo is lead to his death by the hands of none other than, ‘Honest Iago.’’
    • ‘For the most part this violence has been contained in Algeria and done by the hands of Algerians against other Algerians.’
    • ‘Untainted by the hand of consumerism and free from the shackles of music industry agendas, they believe the only way to make music in its purest form is to forget selling it.’
    • ‘In the middle of all this is the idea that justice is something to be administered personally, not by the hands of the judicial branch.’
    • ‘The JNA invaded Slovenia immediately after it declared its independence (only to suffer heavy and disgracing losses at the hand of hastily organized militias).’