Definition of asynchronous in English:



  • 1Not existing or occurring at the same time.

    • ‘While it is not feasible to allot extra in-class time to one subject over others to reap the benefits of repetition, an advantage of asynchronous web-based materials is that they can be assigned outside of class.’
    • ‘Like speech, e-communication may be essentially immediate; unlike speech, it may be deeply asynchronous, and always unpredictably so.’
    • ‘It is not commonly known that, luckily for the U.S. economy, the 1990s was a period dominated by asynchronous global recessions, when key economies took turns going into recession.’
    • ‘This seeming paradox - that bringing two or more people into a conversation is more efficient than a series of asynchronous emails or voice mails - is simply explained.’
    • ‘Hatching may be synchronous or asynchronous (one or two days apart).’
    • ‘Collaborative learning was achieved through synchronous as well as asynchronous interactive chats.’
    • ‘The popularity of email stems largely from its user friendliness, efficiency, and versatility in facilitating asynchronous communication.’
    • ‘The course syllabus, competencies, unit objectives, topics for asynchronous discussion, and exams will be available to the student in a Web-enhanced environment.’
    • ‘It's like having an extended asynchronous conversation and being able to save what were once stray thoughts.’
    • ‘Like e-mail, SMS is asynchronous, which allows users to respond when it is convenient.’
    • ‘Far more use could be made of asynchronous communication to reduce interruptions.’
    • ‘Foreshadowing email, they made informal, asynchronous communication with your co-workers a major part of modern office life.’
    • ‘The enhancement of online learning through interaction comes in both synchronous and asynchronous exchanges.’
    • ‘Consequently, there appears to be some asynchronous breeding in the population, possibly allowing males excluded from the area in the initial part of the season to obtain copulations.’
    • ‘The only time services work online is when we accept this is an asynchronous media.’
  • 2Computing Telecommunications
    Controlling the timing of operations by the use of pulses sent when the previous operation is completed rather than at regular intervals.

    • ‘The answer may be more analogous to an alternative method of coordinating operations known as asynchronous computing.’
    • ‘This enables a high-data throughput between the synchronous circuit and the asynchronous circuit independently of a clock frequency of the synchronous circuit.’
    • ‘To achieve this fine-grained control, detailed, real-time, asynchronous messages are sent back and forth between the application and media servers.’
    • ‘The company has been doing research on asynchronous computing for more than ten years.’
    • ‘The upgraded system provides high-speed digital microwave radios, asynchronous transfer mode bandwidth management, and a new network management system.’
    • ‘In the early days of computing, both asynchronous and synchronous circuits were used in computers, but the latter came to dominate because they were easier to design, test and debug.’
    • ‘On the other hand, when an asynchronous transmission request is issued, the reception device does not wait for the requested object to arrive before decoding another instruction.’
  • 3(of a machine or motor) not working in time with the alternations of current.

    • ‘Although the construction of asynchronous motors is simple and their equivalent circuits and operations are well understood, it is still considered the most difficult topic to learn and teach.’
    • ‘Power losses occurring during the operation of a controlled asynchronous motor are calculated and used to determine the parameters of the cooling air flow produced by a ventilator.’
    • ‘Industrial automation has placed increasing demands on asynchronous motor drives and the tasks performed by these machines are becoming ever more complex.’
    • ‘The three-phase asynchronous motor makes use of the induction principle for converting electrical energy into mechanical energy.’
    • ‘Second, an asynchronous engine is definitely more complex than existing sequential engines.’
  • 4Astronomy
    (of a satellite) revolving round the parent planet at a different rate from that at which the planet rotates.

    • ‘And asynchronous satellites orbit at 400 miles above the Earth, while polar satellites orbit much lower than that, and geostationary satellites orbit at 22,223 miles above the Earth or rather less than 22,000 nautical miles.’