Definition of asymmetrically in English:



  • See asymmetrical

    • ‘Historically, societies have been organised asymmetrically, between the masses or workers, and, on the other side, the divinely appointed, the elected, the experts.’
    • ‘But we do have the capability, and we have the ability to fight this thing asymmetrically to achieve our goals.’
    • ‘The nature of such surprises is that force must be applied asymmetrically: You search out your enemy's weaknesses and deploy your strengths against them.’
    • ‘However, as Sejvar noted, West Nile paralysis affects a patient's body asymmetrically and doesn't impair the sense of touch.’
    • ‘The first is an asymmetrically cut silicon crystal.’
    • ‘A streamlined and elegant sense of line produced a focused collection of asymmetrically collared coats and dresses.’
    • ‘Terrorism is a methodology that small groups and states will use to asymmetrically attack large states and powerful interests.’
    • ‘The spokesman said an upward spiral in defence spending accelerated the arms race in the region, symmetrically or asymmetrically, voluntarily or involuntarily.’