Definition of asylum seeker in English:

asylum seeker


  • A person who has left their home country as a political refugee and is seeking asylum in another.

    ‘only asylum seekers who are granted refugee status are allowed to work in the country’
    • ‘The delays in according immigration status can have significant adverse effects upon a successful asylum seeker.’
    • ‘In all cases "in the United Kingdom" is to be taken as meaning with leave to enter or remain or on temporary admission as an asylum seeker.’
    • ‘If these are rejected, the asylum seekers are given up to 14 days to leave the country.’
    • ‘After a while, she met an asylum seeker from her home country.’
    • ‘Some time ago, he took a courageous and principled stand in support of a local failed asylum seeker and her family who were threatened with deportation.’
    • ‘This can sometimes take more than a year, during which time the state must support the asylum seeker.’
    • ‘How does the EU make the distinction between an illegal migrant and an asylum seeker?’
    • ‘So, if he had arrived after 2002 he would have been assigned an asylum seeker's ID card, while if he had arrived from 2001 he would have been recorded in an immigration fingerprint system.’
    • ‘Under the Dublin Convention, asylum seekers are obliged to seek refugee status in the first 'safe' country in which they arrive.’
    • ‘Although there is nothing in the immigration rules requiring a successful asylum seeker to be given indefinite leave to remain, that is the practice adopted by the authorities.’
    • ‘The 28-year-old is expecting her application for asylum to be processed before the end of the year but, as an asylum seeker, she is not allowed to work or have access to education in Ireland.’
    • ‘It could be about the desperate asylum seekers who die in the attempt to reach these shores.’
    • ‘A cousin had previously come to this country in 1989 as an asylum seeker.’
    • ‘Of these asylum seekers, some were living in detention centres and others in the community but they all created the art based on their memories of life in their home countries.’
    • ‘He explained the documentation that the asylum seeker must have before he/she is eligible for employment.’
    • ‘Your client's wife is not present in this country as an asylum seeker; indeed, her asylum application has been refused outright and she is appealing against that decision.’
    • ‘According to the Geneva Convention the country into which the asylum seeker arrives must deal with his application.’
    • ‘There was one man who was a patient of mine, an asylum seeker, who was detained and being prepared for deportation.’
    displaced person, dp, escapee, fugitive, runaway, exile, émigré, stateless person, outcast, returnee
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asylum seeker

/əˈsʌɪləm ˌsiːkə/