Definition of astrophysicist in English:



  • An expert in or student of astrophysics.

    • ‘Astrophysicists have been discovering that the initial conditions of the universe appear to have been incredibly fine tuned.’
    • ‘Almost all practicing astronomers and astrophysicists believe in the big bang, a billions-of-years-old universe and other evolutionary ideas.’
    • ‘Astrophysicists believe black holes are commonly formed by the inward collapse of stars that have burned out.’
    • ‘For astrophysicists, dark matter has proved to be an elusive and mysterious substance.’
    • ‘As a young man he presented a paper on astrophysics that was publicly ridiculed by an eminent astrophysicist.’
    • ‘The 60-year-old is a NASA astrophysicist who has contributed to numerous space exploration missions.’
    • ‘An astrophysicist told him that only 5 % of the universe is known.’
    • ‘He excelled at every subject and could easily have become an astrophysicist.’
    • ‘Imagine an astrophysicist who must explain the solar system to his students.’
    • ‘Astrophysicists get excited about events that happen over billions of years, because the more we learn about them, the closer we come to understanding the basic structure of reality.’
    • ‘Today, several of our most interesting and visionary astrophysicists and cosmologists suggest that this expanding universe is in truth only one of an uncountable plenitude of actually existing universes.’