Definition of astrophysical in English:



  • See astrophysics

    • ‘The study of these energetic particles will broaden our understanding of the formation and evolution of the solar system, as well as of the astrophysical processes involved.’
    • ‘Although few astronomers agree on the exact mechanism that caused the outburst, many seem inclined to accept the possibility that a new class of astrophysical phenomenon has been discovered.’
    • ‘Realizing they had taken the same approach to solve different problems, the two teams of authors joined forces to apply it to more complicated astrophysical scenarios.’
    • ‘The astrophysical model of how the Sun works has been at odds with observation for the past couple of years.’
    • ‘The research solves an astrophysical puzzle that has baffled scientists for over 120 years since the spicules were first discovered.’
    • ‘In order to find out what this mysterious energy really is, astronomers need to compare astrophysical observations that are at first sight completely unrelated.’
    • ‘Pulsars and quasars may turn out to be commonplace in comparison to the exotic astrophysical events that gravity wave astronomy reveals.’