Definition of astrogator in English:



  • See astrogation

    • ‘He hopes that when he gets to Earthport, the Guild will accept him as an apprentice, giving him the opportunity to train as a starship astrogator.’
    • ‘They provide assistance to Jedi pilots as onboard astrogators, technicians, and communications specialists and are outfitted with various tools for utility and repair.’
    • ‘Dr. Hendrix, the chief astrogator and the main impetus in Max's training, dies of a heart attack and his replacement, Simes, mismanages the next transition through a congruency.’
    • ‘She made it very clear how unpleasant it was for someone of her status to be confined on a ship with ordinary starsailors and astrogators.’
    • ‘They have been traveling the galaxy for all of recorded history, and seem to have innate abilities as pilots and astrogators.’