Definition of astrochemistry in English:



mass noun
  • The study of molecules and ions occurring in stars and interstellar space.

    • ‘The dynamic field of astrochemistry brings together ideas of physics, astrophysics, biology and chemistry to the study of molecules between stars, around stars and on planets.’
    • ‘Within a century of Comte's death, thanks to the invention of the spectroscope, much of astronomy had become astrochemistry - a science he had roundly declared impossible.’
    • ‘To further his research in astrochemistry, he accepted a position at NASA Ames Research Center in 1983.’
    • ‘Astrochemistry is a broad and interdisciplinary emerging field at the intersection of the traditional disciplines of chemistry, physics, and astronomy.’
    • ‘The identification of elements and compounds is critical to all areas to which chemistry is applied, from astrochemistry and biochemistry to geochemistry and industrial chemistry.’