Definition of astrobiologist in English:



  • See astrobiology

    • ‘The question of whether life could have evolved on another planet has always been the big question, the Holy Grail, for astrobiologists and planetary scientists alike.’
    • ‘Scientists believe similar kinds of geothermal environments may once have existed on Mars, where astrobiologists have intensified the search for past and present life forms in recent years.’
    • ‘It's now respectable amongst astrobiologists to consider the possibility of life in the clouds of Venus.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the astrobiologist may glean insights about life-forms that dwell elsewhere in the cosmos by studying organisms that thrive in extreme environments here on Earth.’
    • ‘If so, it will boost the hopes of astrobiologists who believe Europa might also be capable of supporting some form of life.’
    • ‘As a result of the breadth of such profound scientific questions, astrobiologists draw heavily on expertise in biology, chemistry, astronomy, and planetary science.’
    • ‘One of the things astrobiologists are interested in is trying to understand the formation of organic molecules in space, in interstellar clouds and meteorites.’