Definition of astrobiological in English:



  • See astrobiology

    • ‘I think our results are significant enough to redirect the planetary exploration program, placing Enceladus as the primary target of astrobiological interest in our solar system.’
    • ‘Water being one of the prerequisites for life, these efforts are part of a larger astrobiological NASA mission to probe the origin and distribution of life in the universe.’
    • ‘The European spacecraft, Mars Express, is a lander that will employ a mechanical arm and a drill that will burrow into the soil to conduct geochemical and astrobiological experiments.’
    • ‘The discovery of planets orbiting other Sun-like stars in the galaxy is a key scientific discovery that has played a central role in the astrobiological revolution.’
    • ‘There is thought to be a subsurface ocean on Jupiter's moon Europa, locked beneath a shell of ice several miles thick, and its exploration is one of the astrobiological priorities of this century.’