Definition of astride in English:


preposition & adverb

  • 1With a leg on each side of.

    as preposition ‘he was sitting astride the bike’
    as adverb ‘he sat on the chair astride’
    • ‘Climbing petrol prices have encouraged others to hang up their car keys and sit astride their dream machine for the morning journey to work.’
    • ‘She slung her leg over, so she was astride, and sat up.’
    • ‘Before Ian knew what was happening, the boy had pulled the bike from beneath him and was sitting astride it.’
    • ‘He showed photographs of captured Angolan government weapons and of himself sitting astride the wreckage of a crashed Russian military aircraft.’
    • ‘There was something about the rolling stride with which they moved that spoke of a lifetime of forking hay, sitting astride tractors, or herding cattle and sheep.’
    • ‘Sarah says this while sitting astride a large grey horse with a pair of 5-inch stiletto boots on her feet.’
    • ‘Bikers have to accept that they are sitting astride very powerful machines that are potentially lethal.’
    • ‘He was sitting astride a horse that shied at raindrops.’
    • ‘Heston is a tall, well-built actor and presents an imposing figure astride a normal-sized horse.’
    • ‘Minor injuries around the trunk of the deceased suggested that if he was on the ground before his death someone might have been sitting astride his chest.’
    • ‘William turned the page and studied a new photo of the princess, sitting astride a big black horse.’
    • ‘There were marks on Robert's body, indicating the trunk had been compressed by an arm or arms, or possibly by someone sitting astride him on the ground, the court heard.’
    • ‘At its head was General Daemon sitting astride his horse.’
    • ‘He was sitting astride a black stallion like some errant knight.’
    • ‘Sitting astride the bay gelding, his gun resting on the high horn of the saddle, Buck's eyes gleamed at the thought of partly avenging his father's death.’
    • ‘So when I found myself sitting astride a large horse at 11 am last Saturday I was a little perplexed to say the least.’
    • ‘As soon as she was out of sight of the house, she swung her right leg up over to the other side to ride astride.’
    • ‘If Lyall hadn't been sitting astride his horse, he was quite sure he'd have keeled over with the force of this shock.’
    • ‘Why was Frank Mace sitting astride an unexploded mine, and how did it come to be washed up on a New Plymouth beach?’
    • ‘From around one corner of the shrine another priest appeared sitting astride a huge elephant.’
    • ‘She got onto the horse, sitting astride it with her skirts pushed almost all the way up to her knees.’
    • ‘In the United States, where the baby-boomers are trying to recapture their lost youth by once more sitting astride large cycles, those aged over 40 are dying at twice the rate of teenage bikers.’
    1. 1.1as adverb (of a person's legs) apart.
      ‘he stood, legs astride’
      • ‘He rode two horses at the same time, standing astride with one leg on each horse, as they cantered in unison around the sawdust circle.’
  • 2as preposition Extending across.

    ‘the port stands astride an international route’
    • ‘Rochester is a study in contrasts, a medium-size city that seems to sit astride the fault line where the new economy grinds up against the old.’
    • ‘She was the last living member of the old generation of the little village astride the Moy.’
    • ‘With access to the sea and sitting astride the main north-south roads running from Boston to Portsmouth, Ipswich was not isolated from political events.’
    • ‘I found a beautiful little city, its medieval spires sitting astride the River Limmat and its face turned to the crystalline waters of Zurichsee, a lake so clean its water has been certified safe to drink.’
    • ‘The town sits astride a major fault that is well exposed west and east of the town and forms an obvious east-trending lineament on the satellite imagery.’
    • ‘Hollywood, a little village sitting astride the Kildare border in the Parish of Ballymore Eustace, has an equally long record in Gaelic football.’
    • ‘Strategically situated between the Black Sea and the oil-rich Caspian, and sitting astride two key oil and gas pipelines, Georgia borders Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia.’
    • ‘Washington regards the country as a vital strategic asset, sitting astride key Asian shipping lanes and in close proximity to China.’
    • ‘Sitting astride it is the string of small islands known as the Andamans.’
    • ‘Sitting astride the mid-ocean ridge in the North Atlantic Ocean, Iceland is volcanically one of the most dynamic parts of the Earth's surface.’
    • ‘Gingin is located in a small green gully sitting astride a nondescript creek.’
    • ‘The town stands astride the A4, formerly called the Great West Road, that connected London, Bath and Bristol.’
    • ‘Masterminded by Gen Alberto Díaz, this was the last offensive on the WW I Italian front, mounted to assault the Austrian forces sitting astride the Piave river in north-east Italy.’