Definition of astonishingly in English:



  • 1Extremely surprisingly or impressively.

    ‘this recording is, if anything, even more astonishingly played’
    as submodifier ‘some of the best food is astonishingly cheap’
    • ‘In her breakthrough role, she shows herself to be an astonishingly capable actress at such a young age.’
    • ‘The general fought astonishingly with relatively little support and constantly threatened supplies.’
    • ‘The heart astonishingly dances, but can sometimes miss a beat.’
    • ‘He clearly and astonishingly demonstrated the crystalline structure of water.’
    • ‘The color photography is muted throughout, with the exception of the red, which is astonishingly vibrant to the point of overload.’
    • ‘Approximately two-thirds of the entire quilt is an astonishingly rich cerulean.’
    • ‘Scooby-Doo went through several Saturday morning transformations during his astonishingly long television run.’
    • ‘Their Greco-Roman wrestlers also performed astonishingly.’
    • ‘Their misery is palpable without ever becoming sentimental, and both boys are astonishingly good.’
    • ‘The rapid decline of the sea turtle population is an astonishingly symbolic representation of what's wrong with our national environmental policy.’
    1. 1.1sentence adverb Used to express surprise at an event or situation.
      ‘astonishingly, the novel is still selling 7,600 copies a year’
      • ‘Astonishingly, this was his first solo exhibition in the United States.’
      • ‘Astonishingly, this is the first book in English entirely devoted to Urbino.’
      • ‘Somewhat astonishingly, there are no wider plans to develop the sites, so there will be no lasting physical legacy.’
      • ‘Astonishingly, the exhibition is the first show devoted to this groundbreaking artist to be staged in the UK.’
      • ‘His two concurrent shows were the first substantial New York exposure for this towering figure in, astonishingly, nearly 30 years.’
      • ‘Astonishingly, not a single one of the 33 artists from the '80s who are interviewed is non-white.’
      • ‘Most astonishingly, the movie's sole purpose seems to be to prepare audiences for the next installment.’
      • ‘It's as though the director is cramming as much bizarre and quirky humor into each frame as possible, and astonishingly enough, it all works.’
      • ‘The whole thing was recorded—quite astonishingly—in one day in April in the excellent hall of the Royal Northern College of Music.’
      • ‘Astonishingly, a version of that show is still touring the Midwest.’