Definition of astonishing in English:



  • Extremely surprising or impressive; amazing.

    ‘an astonishing achievement’
    ‘I find it astonishing that they ever thought it could work’
    • ‘Gain a clear picture of Bible prophecy with this astonishing visual guide!’
    • ‘His early career was marked by an astonishing range of achievement.’
    • ‘These uplands preserve some astonishing Roman and prehistoric remains.’
    • ‘Skating has made me appreciate the astonishing beauty of the city I was lucky enough to be born in.’
    • ‘I have taken my pictures up to 16 times magnification to see things that were astonishing in my pictures.’
    • ‘The reaction of the people in the capital is astonishing.’
    • ‘What I find astonishing is that investors consider dollar assets, more precisely United States Treasury bonds, to be safe.’
    • ‘In 1989 he competed in the London 24-hour, clocking up an astonishing 147 miles.’
    • ‘The list of instruments used in the recording is astonishing in length.’
    • ‘Another undisputed highlight is the astonishing debut movie from documentary-maker Marc Singer.’
    • ‘Her six years in Madras are astonishing.’
    • ‘This much-awarded film is an astonishing achievement for a first-time director.’
    • ‘A Carlow newsagent this week spoke out about the astonishing sequence of events that led to thousands of euro worth of cigarettes being stolen from her shop.’
    • ‘Her bravery at the hearing in the Guildhall, York, is astonishing.’
    • ‘It's astonishing what gets through under the current broken safety net.’
    • ‘Perhaps the most astonishing thing about this astonishing story is the smugness of its tone.’
    • ‘A truly astonishing discovery could change everything we believed to be true about when we first inhabited this continent.’
    • ‘In their writing, wannabe journalists conjure some astonishing images.’
    • ‘What is astonishing in these accounts is how victims find the courage to heal despite being marginalized and betrayed.’
    amazing, astounding, staggering, shocking, surprising, breathtaking, striking, impressive, bewildering, stunning, stupefying
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