Definition of assumedly in English:



  • See assume

    • ‘He lies now, more or less peacefully, in the graveyard opposite St George's Church, along with other assumedly more innocent souls.’
    • ‘The brothers resemble each other strikingly, both with weathered yet handsome, angular features, assumedly a product of their Danish ancestry and years of sun, sea salt, and smoking.’
    • ‘The publican runs back inside, assumedly to fetch a first-aid kit.’
    • ‘Angry and frustrated by his father's unwillingness to share the assumedly banal truth about his life, the son sets off to find the real story and discovers that his father's tales were not as fanciful as he had thought.’
    • ‘There is more cinematic product coming out of Hollywood nowadays than there are spaces in theatres (and, assumedly, the public's imagination).’