Definition of assortative in English:



  • Denoting or involving the preferential mating of animals or marriage between people with similar characteristics.

    ‘assortative mating’
    • ‘Women with brains were not always the hottest commodity on the marriage market, notes UCLA sociology professor Robert Mare, who has conducted extensive studies of educational assortative mating over time.’
    • ‘Finally, we found no evidence of assortative preference for size.’
    • ‘Fruit flies have served as a prime model system in research on the effect of mate choice and assortative mating on speciation.’
    • ‘Condition-dependent preferences will emerge in both sexes as a result and presumably will combine to make mating even more strongly assortative.’
    • ‘Through their combined effect, the cycle of success together with assortative mating or sexual selection would have greatly accelerated the action of natural selection and the rate of human evolution.’
    • ‘Mating may thus be assortative as females mate selectively with males of the same vocal background, discouraging gene migration.’
    • ‘Despite the overall assortative pairing, the most striking pattern in this figure is that every hermit male was paired with a pure hermit female, whereas an equal number of pure hermit females pair with hybrid and Townsend's males.’
    • ‘There may be incomplete admixture between components of the population because of assortative mating, niche specialization, or, particularly in the case of humans, cultural differences.’
    • ‘The outcome of this is assortative mating with respect to mate quality.’
    • ‘In positive assortative mating, individuals of similar phenotype mate together more frequently than expected by chance.’