Definition of assort in English:



  • 1Genetics
    no object (of genes or characteristics) become distributed among cells or progeny.

    ‘banding on the shell assorts independently of colour’
    ‘the chromosomes of the father and the mother assort into 23 pairs’
    • ‘The extent to which alleles assort randomly on chromosomes depends on the recombination rate, as well as on the demographic history of the species and on the selective pressures exercised on the genomic region.’
    • ‘All eye-color mutations tested assorted independently of the dimorphisms.’
    • ‘Consequently, linked blocks of genes are inherited intact in the form of whole chromosomes from fathers, while loci on chromosomes from mothers assort randomly.’
    • ‘We have previously reported the existence of loci that assort together and hypothesized that these loci reside on the same macronuclear piece.’
    • ‘If these genes were to assort independently, eight susceptible plants should have been identified.’
    diversify, variegate, bring variety to, mix, enlarge, expand, widen, broaden, increase, proliferate, extend
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  • 2archaic with object Place in a group; classify.

    ‘he would assort it with the fabulous dogs as a monstrous invention’
    • ‘The deposits here are assorted into several grades of gravel for building, paving, and ballast purposes.’
    • ‘Assort them into five groups: failures, poor, medium, good, and excellent.’
    • ‘The designer told her to go through all the magazines and tear out the projects and articles she was interested in, then she had to assort them into categories.’
    • ‘All the transcribed interviews were assorted into thematic units, each corresponding to a set of data obtained from interviewees.’
    • ‘You will be assorted into four teams, or rather, have already been assorted into four teams.’
    categorize, class, group, put into sets, grade, rank, rate, order, organize, range, sort, type, codify, bracket, systematize, systemize, stratify, catalogue, tabulate, list, file, index
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Late 15th century: from Old French assorter, from a- (from Latin ad ‘to, at’) + sorte ‘sort, kind’.