Definition of associated in English:



  • 1(of a person or thing) connected with something else.

    ‘two associated events’
    • ‘Perhaps it's understandable, seeing as he's associated with one of the grumpiest cultural icons in the history of humanity.’
    • ‘Maybe it's a psychological thing, something to do with the dangerous, rugged lifestyle with which he is closely associated.’
    • ‘One would expect that dragonflies are already flagship species of wetlands and freshwater, with which they are closely associated.’
    • ‘We're wondering if that's still a big hit over there and we are wondering if you're associated with it at all.’
    • ‘Do you find casting calls difficult, as you're so associated with her?’
    • ‘Somehow, they have feelings of solitude and loss after leaving the working environment they were closely associated with for so long.’
    • ‘I'm sure it's because they are so associated with women.’
    • ‘At the heart of his motivation was a desire to change the stereotype with which he was associated, to force a revision of opinions.’
    • ‘Migrant workers often have to suffer being despised and laughed at and they are also associated with shabby clothes, vulgar behaviour and criminal activity.’
    • ‘However, these days he's more associated with New York's downtown scene, where he has become a key player since relocating there in the late 1970s.’
    • ‘Some of the families are still associated with the show.’
    • ‘A pretty woman was always associated with money, which was thought to be the root of any disaster.’
    • ‘When the image of a woman is frequently associated with disaster, it also carries more complicated and sacred significance.’
    • ‘The association has 27 full members and three associated members, which are the branches of three foreign banks in the country.’
    • ‘They are also associated with different regions in the country.’
    • ‘Some political leaders are also associated with these officers.’
    • ‘It is also planned to include some of the associated families as well.’
    • ‘He is also associated with the development of a drug called campath, which is more friendly to patients.’
    • ‘She was never associated with skimpy bathing suits, low cut gowns and short dresses.’
    • ‘They were often associated with prisoners, gangsters and other low-class groups.’
    related, connected, linked, correlated, analogous, similar, alike, kindred, corresponding
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    1. 1.1 (of a company) connected or amalgamated with another company or companies.
      • ‘The investment vehicle was also wrongly accused of being under investigation for a deferred interest loan made to an associated company.’
      • ‘These include associated companies' relief and relief for reconstructions or amalgamations of companies.’
      • ‘Yes, most of the companies are now associated with major publicly held mega-corporations and must report much of what they do publicly.’
      • ‘An employee only gets one basic exemption for the same job or the same employer, including any associated employer.’
      • ‘A network of associated businesses - from publishing to sugar - help top up the school's coffers.’
      • ‘The share of profit from associated companies was down 25.09 per cent to $394.9 million.’
      • ‘He's been the biggest operator by far: he and his myriad associated companies; it's quite a network.’
      • ‘Are changes to names of associated companies or organizations often the reason for a revision, or is content more important?’
      • ‘In some cases this is not that obvious, because they use an associated company with a different name to market the products.’
      • ‘Create an atmosphere for those working in the government and their associated agencies that they are working for the people of Canada, and serve at the pleasure of the voter.’
      • ‘Its subsidiaries and associated companies are located in more than 30 countries.’
      • ‘Thirdly, about 75 per cent of the firm's deposits were maintained by its shareholders and by its subsidiary and associated companies.’
      • ‘While £100,000 is a substantial sum of money, in the context of the total business done by the applicants and their associated companies it is not large.’
      • ‘Adjustments will be made to these limits where companies have associated companies and for accounting periods of less than 12 months.’
      • ‘Rather a string of parent, subsidiary, sub-subsidiary, and associated companies exist behind a single name.’
      • ‘One company was tenant and the other, an associated company, was a licensee of the other.’
      • ‘Representatives from various associated agencies and courts from around the country concerned with children's welfare were in attendance.’
      affiliated, allied, integrated, amalgamated, incorporated, federated, confederated, syndicated, unified, connected, interconnected, related, linked, joined, bound
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    2. 1.2Chemistry (of liquids) in which the molecules are held together by hydrogen bonding or other weak interaction.
      • ‘In phospholipid membranes these loosely associated water molecules are in fast exchange with the bulk water phase.’
      • ‘Accordingly we distinguish between permanently internal and temporarily associated water molecules.’
      • ‘In its natural form it also has a couple of water molecules associated with the molecule.’
      • ‘Two general types of internal waters are distinguished: permanently internal and temporarily associated waters.’
      • ‘Their simulations suggest that the more flexible structures have fewer associated water molecules and counterions.’