Definition of assisted dying in English:

assisted dying


mass noun
  • The practice whereby a person suffering from a terminal illness or incurable condition is helped to take their own life, especially by means of lethal drugs provided by a doctor for the purpose.

    ‘assisted dying is lawful in Switzerland and the Netherlands’
    • ‘He told peers: 'Assisted dying with safeguards is one of the many legitimate choices that dying patients should have.'’
    • ‘Dr Williams outlined his opposition to assisted dying in a sermon at Westminster Abbey earlier this week to mark the annual commemoration of Florence Nightingale.’
    • ‘Around 150 Britons are thought to have died at the clinic, which exploits liberal Swiss laws on assisted dying.’
    • ‘Another poll last month found that four in five people would like the law on medically assisted dying changed.’
    • ‘Anti-euthanasia campaigners fear a law allowing assisted dying could become a slippery slope.’
    • ‘She took her case to have the law clarified on assisted dying to the highest court in the land where a panel of five Law Lords give their ruling.’
    • ‘Soon after taking office she provoked anger by saying she supported the legalisation of assisted dying.’
    • ‘There is no right to assisted dying.’
    • ‘Since then Belgium, Holland and Oregon have changed their laws to permit assisted dying in different ways.’
    • ‘The programme revealed that both sides in the assisted dying debate have a deep distrust of each other, and particularly of those who work in the medical profession.’