Definition of assistance in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action of helping someone by sharing work.

    ‘the work was completed with the assistance of carpenters’
    • ‘The club would appreciate any assistance both on and off the field from the members.’
    • ‘We need their assistance in our work in Parliament and in local government.’
    • ‘A man in a boat tries to rescue him, but he declines assistance; God will save him.’
    • ‘A mobile phone was used to summon up assistance, and the next-door keeper turned out to help.’
    • ‘Donors give to the food bank because they want to help people who need assistance.’
    • ‘I wish to publicly record my gratitude to those whose support and assistance made this possible.’
    • ‘I owe many people my thanks for their support and assistance during the preparation of this book.’
    • ‘Most of them need assistance in activities such as taking a shower or tying a shoelace.’
    • ‘Careful regulation of use of this route continues with the full backing and assistance of user groups.’
    • ‘At higher speed, on the open road, the steering receives less power assistance.’
    • ‘If you have three hours a week to help then your assistance would be greatly appreciated.’
    • ‘I decided that actually this was one situation where it might be OK to offer assistance.’
    • ‘May I, through your columns, thank this young farmer for the help and assistance he gave me.’
    • ‘They tried to resuscitate him and continued to give assistance after paramedics arrived.’
    • ‘As the people in the area learn of their plight, they offer assistance in various ways.’
    • ‘They are ready to provide immediate assistance from their warehouse in Dubai.’
    • ‘Additional assistance may also be considered for the most vulnerable patients.’
    • ‘Offer him your assistance and give it freely; it's the best investment you can make.’
    • ‘In an attempt to remain neighbourly I inquired as to her need for assistance.’
    • ‘Pen nodded and with the assistance of the nurse she was able to get out of the bed and into the wheel chair.’
    1. 1.1 The provision of money, resources, or information to help someone.
      ‘schemes offering financial assistance to employers’
      ‘she will be glad to give advice and assistance’
      • ‘We had hoped the health board would have offered all other assistance to the young girl.’
      • ‘She has 14 dogs to look after, although she now receives some home assistance to help her out.’
      • ‘One woman needed assistance to set up a workshop: he ordered her to be given some money.’
      • ‘Would you please be able to offer some assistance in guiding me through this process?’
      • ‘Adequate assistance to bring them up to scratch would be a better solution.’
      • ‘The Foreign Office said they were offering full assistance to the man and his employers.’
      • ‘Consumers have had difficulties for years in finding easy access to assistance and advice.’
      • ‘You are welcome to contact us at anytime when you need more information and assistance from us.’
      • ‘The first priority is to offer every assistance to those thrown out of work.’
      • ‘There is however one other potential source of assistance available to the officers.’
      • ‘All we have done is to ask for assistance to help us cover costs like hiring a band and a public address system.’
      • ‘The strategic plan was to hold these positions long enough for outside assistance to arrive.’
      • ‘This treaty gave China money and technical assistance to modernise her industry.’
      • ‘I was seeing people every day who came to me looking for assistance and information.’
      • ‘Pay is so low for many workers that some rely on state assistance to take care of their families.’
      • ‘They want some practical assistance to enable them to move off a benefit and into a job.’
      • ‘He goes out of his way to be as helpful as possible to anyone who seeks his advice or assistance.’
      • ‘The firm offers such basic help as assistance with buying a suit and advice on how to visit the dentist.’
      • ‘As a party we are here to serve people, to give advice and assistance and to take advice as well.’
      • ‘At around the same time the firm did give financial assistance to other trainees.’
      help, aid, abettance, support, backing, succour, encouragement, reinforcement, relief, intervention, cooperation, collaboration
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  • be of assistance

    • Be of practical use or help.

      ‘the guide will be of assistance to development groups’
      • ‘If those of you near the affected region are in communication with our colleagues there, please let them know we would like to be of assistance.’
      • ‘Hopefully, this information will be of assistance to future initiatives, both for local and service providers.’
      • ‘The installation of a mini-roundabout would not be of assistance.’
      • ‘He believed the system would be of assistance to the guards.’
      • ‘We hope this financial contribution will be of assistance.’
      • ‘I would love very much to make a legitimate connection with Ireland and, thus, would be most indebted to any, and all, that could be of assistance.’
      • ‘They said more of these would be of assistance to visitors.’
      • ‘But instead we were told that they could not be of assistance to us.’
      • ‘‘We hope this small fund and material aid will be of assistance to the victims,’ a press release stated.’
      • ‘This is a very welcome development and will particularly be of assistance to the elderly and those who do not drive or have access to a car.’
  • come to someone's assistance

    • Act to help someone.

      ‘the speaker was hoping for someone to come to his assistance’
      • ‘Passing gardaí spotted the duo in distress and stopped the squad car to come to their assistance.’
      • ‘She said the ride was stopped but no one came to their assistance.’
      • ‘We are desperate for someone in authority to come to our assistance.’
      • ‘Thank you, I hope you understand our predicament and come to our assistance.’
      • ‘My friends told me that firefighters would only come to your assistance after a price is negotiated.’
      • ‘They have contacted many business people in the meantime, which they hope will come to their assistance.’
      • ‘If a bus driver had not come to my assistance, it could have been worse.’
      • ‘She kept his head above water and shouted for someone to come to her assistance.’
      • ‘However, several sponsors came to their assistance.’
      • ‘After so long, it is really encouraging to see so many people coming to my assistance.’


Late Middle English: from Old French, or from medieval Latin assistentia, from Latin assistere (see assist).