Definition of assiduousness in English:



  • See assiduous

    • ‘Clearly, the assiduousness with which this step should be undertaken will depend on what informs it.’
    • ‘At this stage, the cult of the goddess was replaced by the cult of St George, who still favoured certain hunters according to their assiduousness in lighting candles, offering sacrifices, and so on.’
    • ‘But in one of the more heroic efforts in tennis history, he set about - with characteristic assiduousness and determination - trying to acquire a grass-court game in order to win it.’
    • ‘Apparently some famous violinist whose name escapes me wrote to his son (a violist): ‘You must practise with great assiduousness, since you do not wish to remain a violist for the whole of your life.’’
    • ‘On the contrary, these qualities are considered signs of assiduousness and punctiliousness.’