Definition of assiduously in English:



  • With great care and perseverance.

    ‘leaders worked assiduously to hammer out an action plan’
    • ‘I planted the Spanish peppers and assiduously cared for them amidst all my other pepper plants.’
    • ‘He assiduously avoided addressing the question of a merger.’
    • ‘Even a book he assiduously promoted on prehistoric archaeology sold in hundreds of thousands.’
    • ‘These facts made him angry and drove him assiduously to educate himself about medicine and ecology.’
    • ‘Having arrived as chief chemist in 1883, he worked assiduously to expand the federal government's power in food and drug markets.’
    • ‘Institutions are treading cautiously, even as they up the ante by courting hedge funds more assiduously.’
    • ‘We have worked on economic policy assiduously for the last five years.’
    • ‘He was employed as the studio's title designer and general factotum while assiduously learning about filmmaking.’
    • ‘He was taught privately, his father assiduously fostering his musical talents.’
    • ‘They rejected their teachers' conventional ideas and academic art, yet spent years assiduously copying and assimilating the Old Masters.’