Definition of assessment in English:



mass noun
  • The action of assessing someone or something.

    ‘the assessment of educational needs’
    ‘assessments of market value’
    • ‘He has said the girl should be placed in a secure unit for assessment for her own safety.’
    • ‘The fashionable citizens of the globe do not share our modest assessment however.’
    • ‘All jobs and people applying for them are reviewed against a stringent risk assessment.’
    • ‘I decided to go home first, to get to a basin and a mirror and do some damage assessment.’
    • ‘The council has conducted a foot and mouth risk assessment and it has been judged safe for the lane to be open.’
    • ‘Those should be top of the list of any fair assessment of what deserves their attention.’
    • ‘There is very little in the leaflet on which to base any worthwhile assessment.’
    • ‘At the time he went missing he was undergoing assessment and that had not been completed.’
    • ‘After the initial assessment, the medical team must speak to the senior fire officer.’
    • ‘The panel which decided to release him from the school had not been made aware of this assessment.’
    • ‘Our assessment of his life's worth shouldn't be informed by that of the thugs who shot him.’
    • ‘He said a major risk assessment had been made beforehand to ensure people's safety.’
    • ‘He was not given a work permit nor a site safety induction and no risk assessment was done.’
    • ‘An inquiry has begun into how the raid was orchestrated and what kind of risk assessment was taken.’
    • ‘This assessment of the emerging striker's attributes in the here and now is fanciful.’
    • ‘National pilot studies are taking place to establish if that assessment is correct.’
    • ‘The agency is compiling a traffic impact assessment on the viability of the scheme.’
    • ‘Staff training has begun and it will be followed by assessment and training for patients.’
    • ‘There was no proper risk assessment done for that kind of industrialised farming.’
    • ‘There is nothing before me to suggest that this is other than an accurate and honest assessment.’
    evaluation, judgement, gauging, rating, estimation, appraisal, opinion, analysis
    valuation, calculation, computation, costing, pricing, estimate
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