Definition of assertiveness in English:



mass noun
  • Confident and forceful behaviour.

    ‘she has difficulty standing up for herself, even when assertiveness may be warranted’
    • ‘The increased assertiveness of the peasantry made the regime uneasy, fueling anxiety about the threat of rebellion.’
    • ‘He said innovation was a concept whose success in industry largely depended on the assertiveness of practitioners.’
    • ‘The newly emerging feminine assertiveness has changed the picture to a large extent.’
    • ‘Her new levels of assertiveness have her feeling more confident about her career journey.’
    • ‘Many psychologists and researchers have argued that a lack of assertiveness can act as a source of stress.’
    • ‘The study found little difference between the groups of children in assertiveness, which was measured by social development tests.’
    • ‘The forms and imagery of these sculptures refer to assertiveness and aggression.’
    • ‘He conveys John's hesitancy as a lack of assertiveness, rather than a character flaw.’
    • ‘Cleverness and assertiveness are valued as ways to achieve upward mobility.’
    • ‘The skill of assertiveness is very useful here—this implies the ability to say no.’