Definition of assenter in English:


(also assentor)


  • See assent

    • ‘He said the minister's stipulation that independent candidates must have the signatures of fifteen assenters in the local elections was a slur on the integrity of non-party candidates.’
    • ‘The effectiveness of the gospel, in which the death and resurrection of Jesus are central, is not in quantity of intellectual assenters but is evidenced by the quality of changed lives.’
    • ‘With just 75 minutes to go before the deadline for handing in completed nominations, the returning officer told us we needed to get the signatures of 30 assentors.’
    • ‘Despite complaints from Independents about the difficulty in securing assentors, the field has the largest number of Independents for decades.’
    • ‘I now have to go through the process of getting thirty assentors in the Westport area, fifteen for the town council and fifteen different people for the county council.’